Texas Center for Proton Therapy hosts annual IBA Proteus Users Meeting 2017

March 15, 2017

Texas Center for Proton Therapy is one of the most technologically advanced proton therapy centers in in the world. That’s why the center was selected to host the annual IBA Proton Users Meeting from Sunday, March 19 to Monday, March 20. Belgium-based IBA is a global leader in proton therapy technology.

More than 160 physicians, physicists and administrators from 20 different countries and four continents are expected to gather to tour the facility and see firsthand the extraordinary work the center’s team is executing on a daily basis to fight cancer.

Attendees will learn about unique cases in proton therapy, explore equipment updates and service enhancements and review current and future potential technology developments. World leaders in proton therapy will engage in working groups and discussions to raise questions, share their expertise and learn from each other.

This international meeting aims to advance and provide the best of proton therapy, for today and for tomorrow, among a growing community of cancer-fighting pioneers.