Twin Brothers Both Choose Proton Therapy for Cancer Diagnoses

I would say ‘check the proton center first.
John Horton
Prostate Cancer Survivor

When his twin brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago, John Horton knew he needed to stay on top of his annual screenings.

Originally from Rochester, New York, John moved to the Dallas area so he and his wife could be closer to family. When he realized there was a proton therapy center nearby, he said his decision to move was confirmed. Prior to his own diagnosis, John’s brother was treated with proton therapy at a center in Tennessee. “[My brother] and his wife did all the exploration that I felt needed to be done. He had such a good response to [proton therapy] that I didn’t need to look around and when I moved to Dallas and found there was a proton center here, the choice was done,” John said. 

Twin Brothers Both Choose Proton Therapy for Cancer Diagnoses

After serving in Vietnam, the Horton brothers found themselves both facing a prostate cancer diagnosis, but several years apart. The two men both chose proton therapy as their treatment option, but in different states. John overviews his experience at Texas Center for Proton Therapy.

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