Proton therapy is especially effective for treating children, whose bodies are still developing. Highly targeted, precise proton therapy damages cancer cells and spares healthy, growing tissue. Proton therapy is also non-invasive and has few side effects, allowing young patients to maintain their quality of life both during treatment and later as they age.

We have physicians who specialize in pediatrics, and our proton cancer treatment center is staffed with children in mind, tailored to lessen their anxiety.

Sunrise Room

Sunrise Room

We know that children often have trouble being still. That is why we have an on-site anesthesiology team specializing in pediatrics. They are experts at administering anesthesia to kids of all ages, which is very different than adults.

Waiting on appointments and treatment can be difficult, so our pediatric patients and their siblings can enjoy our children’s activities room and learning center. Weekly children’s activities, both onsite and offsite help kids forget about being a patient and help them meet others during your stay.

We will work with families and schools to ensure our patients and their siblings can remain current on required schoolwork during extended treatment stays.

The Pediatric Proton Consortium Registry (PPCR) is a multi-institutional prospective registry whose primary aim is to expedite quality outcomes research in pediatric patients treated with proton radiotherapy. The PPCR is unique in its scope and depth and is the most comprehensive multi-institutional, radiation-based pediatric patient registry in existence.

Texas Center for Proton Therapy is ready to help you fight cancer with one of the nation’s most advanced cancer-fighting technologies.

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