Practical Tips for Getting Through Your Workday During Treatment

Many cancer patients make the decision to work through treatment and recovery – whether that be for insurance and monetary purposes, or to simply help them feel more like themselves. However, working through treatment and recovery poses certain challenges that may require an adjustment in your day-to-day routine or requesting a change in duties. If you do decide to continue to work throughout cancer treatment, following are a few practical tips to help make the experience easier:

  • Take baby steps. You may find it harder to handle the same workload you had before your diagnosis, so it's okay to take baby steps. It's important to give your body occasional breaks to avoid burnout.
  • Relocate your workspace. Working closer to the restroom or frequently used items like the printer may help reduce fatigue.
  • Don't schedule back-to-back meetings. Allow yourself time in between calls and meetings to refuel, rest, or even take a quick nap somewhere private.
  • Request a closer parking spot. If mobility is a problem, it may be helpful to request a closer parking spot to your building.
  • Wear practical clothing. Avoid unnecessary strain on your body and opt for comfy shoes and breathable clothing.
  • Keep a detailed to-do list. In the event you're unable to complete a project, keeping a detailed log of responsibilities can help you direct others in handling things while you recover.

Working during cancer treatment is different for everyone, but having a talk with your HR director about making certain changes to your schedule or your work environment can help make the transition easier.

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