Preoperative Radiosurgery in Brain Tumors

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Publication: The Radiosurgery Society

August 10, 2022

There is growing interest among the medical community in using irradiation – or radiosurgery – as a pre-operative treatment for brain tumors. A webinar held by The Radiosurgery Society covers the latest research, clinical evidence, and rationale for using pre- operative radiosurgery to treat brain tumors. Dr. Victor Mangona of Texas Center for Proton Therapy noted that it is not uncommon for patients with brain tumors to have a dominant mass, as well as smaller lesions, and pre-operative radiosurgery has the potential to simultaneously treat presenting symptoms like these, while gathering a pathology report of the patient’s tumor. Additionally, patients may also benefit from faster time to treatment because they would not have to wait on post-operative recovery, before undergoing irradiation treatment.