How to Help Patients During the Holidays

For cancer patients, the holidays can be challenging both physically and emotionally. They may not have the ability to play their usual role in seasonal celebrations, such as hosting or attending the big feast – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few ways friends and family can make their loved one’s holiday season bright.

Help Decorate Their Home for the Holidays

Whether it’s bringing home pumpkins for Thanksgiving, helping decorate the Christmas tree, or setting up the menorah, you can help your loved one make his or her space feel festive at a safe distance.

Mail Your Loved One’s Holiday Cards

When you have cancer, even simple tasks can wear you out. Help your loved one stuff, address, and stamp their holiday cards, or design and order holiday cards online.

Find Different Ways to Shop

Spend some time assisting your loved one with his or her holiday shopping virtually from the comfort of home. You can shop online, or even make simple homemade gifts together while you video chat.

Offer to Wrap Gifts

Arrange a time to pick up your loved one’s gifts and wrap them. Keep it simple by picking up a gift wrapping kit that includes all the supplies you’ll need.

Pick Up Groceries

Grocery shopping can be time-consuming, tiring, and particularly hectic during the holidays. Eliminate the burden by picking up healthy pantry staples and a few holiday favorites. Remember to take into consideration any food aversions or dietary restrictions your loved one may have.

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