What is Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy delivers targeted radiation to tumors, guided by the some of the world’s most accurate imaging technology located onsite at the proton cancer treatment center.

We use a 30-foot tall, 110-ton machine that rotates 360 degrees to enable precise positioning of the proton beams on your tumor. Physicists and engineers have meticulously calibrated the proton beam equipment to submillimeter accuracy.

A 220-ton cyclotron is the centerpiece of this proton beam equipment. This machine accelerates protons extracted from hydrogen atoms. It then creates a proton beam line traveling nearly half the length of a football field at almost the speed of light — with submillimeter accuracy.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to be seen at Texas Center for Proton Therapy.

The protons delivered to the tumor destroy cancerous cells, while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

In all, treatment sessions typically last for 15-40 minutes with each beam only taking one to three minutes, and the complete course of treatment may be from one to 45 weekday sessions, lasting one day up to nine weeks.

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Texas Center for Proton Therapy is ready to help you fight cancer with one of the nation’s most advanced cancer-fighting technologies. You do not need a doctor's referral to be seen at the center.

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