Patient Stories

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

A car wreck saved my life – would you believe it?
Deborah Cooley
Lung Cancer Survivor
We researched proton therapy and once we learned more about this advanced form of radiation, it was a no-brainer for us.
Nancy Bondy
Breast Cancer Survivor

"We did a lot of research trying to understand the differences between the types of radiation therapy. The benefits of proton therapy for prostate cancer stood out to me as the ideal option for my specific cancer.”

Kenny Jacobs
Prostate Cancer
"I know proton therapy is helping me. I can now do more things like play at recess with my friends. I would tell other kids like me that as time goes on, you’ll start to feel better."
Marco Garcia
Pediatric Brain Tumor Patient
The only time he cried was at the possibility that he wouldn’t get to go back to school.
Hewitt Sluyter
Pediatric Brain Tumor Patient
The best person to advocate for you is you.
Lauren Behrmann
Breast Cancer Survivor
Skip the research and go straight to proton therapy.
Rob Arvin
Prostate Cancer Survivor
Keep your mind open to options and hold onto hope that things are going to get better.
Myah Jiminez
Sarcoma Survivor
After this experience, I learned that God has helped me through everything. I want to thank all my nurses and doctors for everything they’ve done for me. I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.
Walker Huggins
Brain Cancer Survivor
Cancer fights hard, so we have to fight harder.
Marian 'Dani' Steininger
Breast Cancer Survivor
I would say ‘check the proton center first.
John Horton
Prostate Cancer Survivor
“When you hear a story of someone else’s success it helps you build your courage and strength. I think it is important to share August’s story because he deserves to have his story told.” (Erica Johansen, mother of August)
August Johansen
Brain Cancer Survivor
“Everyone at Texas Center for Proton Therapy was a knowledgeable professional who did their work in a true spirit of service to their patients.”
Mark Vaccaro
Prostate Cancer Survivor
“On my final day with Dr. Lee, I made sure I was going to mention to him that I was very impressed. And started off by telling him ‘I don’t impress easily, but you guys have blown me out of the water.”
J.E. Mendez, M.D.
Prostate Cancer Survivor
“Dr. Lee — the entire staff — gave 110% effort in terms of treating the cancer and in terms of treating me.”
Ed Stewart
Prostate Cancer Survivor

“From the very first day, I knew that these were people who I could entrust with my health and my body.”

Kelli Miles
Desmoid Tumor Survivor
"I think every morning that I get up and embrace life is to say thank you for giving me this opportunity."
Patty Braselton
Breast Cancer Survivor
“When I found out I had cancer, I promised myself that I would spread the word that screening is so important.”
David Hennessy
Prostate Cancer Survivor
“I had never seen any place like Texas Center for Proton Therapy. At the end, I was actually sad to leave.”
Sharon Carrell
Parotid Gland and Breast Cancer Survivor
“Dr. Mangona was hands down the best aspect of this entire experience. He walked me through all my scans in great detail, explained how everything worked and gave me a high level of confidence walking into my first appointment. I still had plenty of fears – who wouldn’t? – but he made the whole process that much better.”
Bruce Chamberlin
Plasmacytoma Survivor
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