Physician Speaks About His Own Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

J.E. Mendez, M.D.
“On my final day with Dr. Lee, I made sure I was going to mention to him that I was very impressed. And started off by telling him ‘I don’t impress easily, but you guys have blown me out of the water.”
J.E. Mendez, M.D.
Prostate Cancer Survivor

When Dr. J.E. Mendez was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer in June 2018, his medical background as a trained obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in robotic surgery led him to research all treatment possibilities. In total, he received nine physician opinions, with Dr. Andrew Lee’s consultation being the deciding factor for treatment at Texas Center for Proton Therapy. He took special interest in the advanced technology behind proton therapy and ultimately decided to put work on hold in the Austin area for proton therapy treatment in Irving.

Take a look at Dr. Mendez’s perspective on a prostate cancer diagnosis, how he made his treatment decision and his experience at Texas Center for Proton Therapy.

Physician Speaks About His Own Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Physician Speaks About His Own Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. J.E. Mendez, former patient at Texas Center for Proton Therapy, speaks about his prostate cancer diagnosis and his decision to choose proton therapy as his treatment option.

I don’t impress easily but you guys have blown me out of the water.

The first thing I have to say is, that’s important, is that I was neglectful. I was not doing my annual exams. And I went to see a urologist in Austin, because of a secondary issue that had nothing to do with the prostate.

Surgery was not appropriate for me because there was a high, high probability of radiation in the first place. After researching I decided, ‘okay if I’m going to have radiation, I don’t want to do the traditional external beam because of the downside.’ And in my mind I was convinced that the proton therapy, based on my research, and listening to, you know, presenters that it was very likely as equally as effective but with a lower downside.

And so I saw Dr. Lee and Dr. Lee - he individualized me, his exam was very thorough. He’s the only one who did a rectal exam and said ‘I think it’s worse than your studies show - namely the MRI.’ So, he basically conveyed to me there’s no question you need to not only radiate the prostate but also your lymph nodes and you need to be on hormone therapy because you’re at risk for micro-metastasis.

At first I was reluctant and called and said I’m not ready to do anything yet - to make a decision. And what was additionally something else that I thought was very impressive about him, he called me personally to be sure that that was my decision. He didn’t just go on second hand information, not that it would have been incorrect. No one else did that. No one else.

And as time has gone on, everyone, once we got to know each other, both sides of the equation, have been very personable. I try to remember all their names. They’ve told me that they’re impressed that I remember all of them even though I confuse them sometimes if I haven’t seen them in a while and every meeting with Dr. Lee has been quick but, very to the point. And, in fact, when my dad died, and I had to cancel a day, the way he approached his condolences to me was very personal. I felt it.

So, he just keeps adding things. And all the staff - very professional, very appropriate, the whole setting is just conducive. And then on top of that, I’ve gotten to meet other people in the waiting area because it’s put together in such a way that you can do that. And that’s added to my experience.

So, on my final day, which was this last Tuesday with Dr. Lee, I made sure that I was going to mention to him that I was very impressed and started off by telling him ‘now, I don’t impress easily but you guys have blown me out of the water. And luckily enough I’m doing quite well because today’s my last day of therapy.

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