Request a Telemedicine Consult

Texas Center for Proton Therapy collaborates with VSee mobile application for Telemedicine consults. VSee Clinic features include:

  • Calls are encrypted end-to-end for absolutely no eavesdropping
  • Instant messaging
  • Mobile app available on Android and iPhone
    • Works on 3G, 4G, and WiFi
    • Low bandwidth: conserves data usage

Who Should Use This Platform?

  • If you have an acute illness and are not able to come in the clinic because you have fever or other symptoms.
  • If you think you have COVID-19.
  • If you want to see your provider in routine follow up.
  • If you have a problem you need to discuss with your provider.

Request a Telemedicine Consult

Follow the instructions below to request a Telemedicine consult:

  1. Call Texas Center for Proton Therapy at 469-513-5500 or request an appointment online for a telemedicine consult.
    • Some patients may be triaged to an appointment from a nurse.
  2. Download VSee Clinic on your phone or laptop:
    1. Android users:
    2. iPhone users:
    3. Desktop/laptop users: please click the link from the email and join on the web through your preferred browser
  3. A few minutes before your designated appointment, you will receive your doctor's virtual waiting room link by text message or by email. When clicking the link choose the following:
    1. Android users: Open in App
    2. iPhone users: Open in App
    3. Desktop/Laptop users: Open in Browser
  4. Click "Enter Waiting Room As Guest" to be directed to your appointment.
  5. Please enter your information and select "Next."
  6. Agree to the conditions and select "Enter Waiting Room".
  7. Visit with your provider and arrange follow-up care.

Video Instructions

iPhone Download Instructions

Laptop/Desktop Users

Downloadable Instructions English

Downloadable Instructions Spanish

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