Genitourinary Cancers

Proton therapy is effective in treating types of genitourinary cancers, including bladder, prostate and testicular cancer.

Proton Therapy for Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer usually occurs within the lining of the bladder, which stores the body’s urine, and can grow into the bladder wall. The exact causes of bladder cancer are unknown. Read more

Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Proton therapy is a precise treatment for prostate and other cancers that delivers high doses of radiation directly to targeted areas. In prostate cancer patients, proton therapy targets the prostate gland and also the pelvic lymph nodes.

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Proton Therapy for Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable and survivable types of cancer if detected early. Testicular cancer occurs when cells of one or both testicles become cancerous.

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