Proton Therapy Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a research study examining how patients respond to different treatments for various types of cancer. Studies address their challenges using the scientific method to identify new or better ways to treat, diagnose, and prevent cancer-related diseases. Clinical trials are essential to the advancement of cancer treatment. Texas Center for Proton Therapy has clinical trials available.

Benefits and Risks of Participating in a Clinical Trial

Discuss the benefits and risks with your physician if you're interested in participating in cancer research or a clinical trial. Benefits include being actively involved in your healthcare, getting access to new treatments and medical care, and helping to further medical research in Texas. Risks may include unpleasant or serious side effects, treatments that are ineffective, and trials which take more time than standard treatment.

Clinical Trial Eligibility

Your eligibility for a clinical trial depends on several criteria, including your age and sex, your cancer type and stage of the cancer, previous treatments, and your overall medical history. View the list below of open clinical trials and cancer research opportunities available through Texas Center for Proton Therapy and talk to your doctor to determine which clinical trial is right for you.

Available Clinical Trials

Solid Tumors

Pediatric Proton Consortium Registry (PPCR): A Multi Center Registry of Pediatric Patients treated with Proton Radiation Therapy
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