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Shikui Tang, Ph.D., DABR

Director of Physics


  • Therapeutic Medical Physics

Background / Education

  • Fellowship in Proton Research
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Mass.
  • Residency in Medical Physics
    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn.  
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Astronomy
    University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, Mass.

Memberships / Honors / Awards

  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • American Society for Radiation Oncology


Prior to joining Texas Center for Proton Therapy, Dr. Shikui Tang served as a medical physicist for ProCure Proton Therapy Center in New Jersey. During his time at ProCure, Dr. Tang was responsible for the quality assurance in proton radiotherapy as well as the treatment planning and delivery. He is experienced in both pencil-beam scanning and double scattering approaches to proton therapy, and has worked with many types of proton beam technologies and treatment planning systems.

Dr. Tang has conducted clinical research involving the strategy of proton planning for several cancer types, effects of intrafraction motion on prostate treatment with proton pencil beam scanning, and dose calculations in CMS/XiO planning systems. He also investigated proton radiography using time-dependent dose profile in scattered proton fields as well as the feasibility of range verification in patients treated with proton double scattering technique. He has explored new techniques to improve prostate cancer treatments and conducted research in proton therapy for lung cancers.

Dr. Tang also worked as a research scientist at Institute of High Energy Physicians, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has received numerous research grant awards and been involved in numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations. Dr. Tang is also proficient in Mandarin and English.

When not working, Dr. Tang enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, reading, playing tennis and basketball.

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