Telemedicine at Texas Center for Proton Therapy

Connecting Texas Oncology patients with specialized cancer care at Texas Center for Proton Therapy, no matter where you live.

Telemedicine enables Texas Center for Proton Therapy physicians to connect directly with Texas Oncology patients who need highly specialized care, even if they live many miles away. With telemedicine, patients across Texas have access to our extensive and diverse expertise in proton therapy, while saving time and expense by limiting travel to a distant treatment facility.

Telemedicine does not completely eliminate the need for patients to travel for certain aspects of treatment and in-person doctor visits. But the robust communications technology effectively extends the reach of Texas Oncology’s network of more than 460 physicians by allowing some consultations and follow-up to take place remotely.

The team at Texas Center for Proton Therapy, located in Irving, has the ability to conduct preliminary and follow-up consultations with patients who are candidates for the highly precise form of radiation offered at the center.

Currently, our telemedicine program requires an in-person meeting with a Texas Oncology physician at one of our more than 210 sites of service across the state, and then connecting remotely with a physician at Texas Center for Proton Therapy. Telemedicine consultations can include voice communications, video conferencing, sharing and reviewing scans and images, coordination of local supportive care, and symptom management – or any combination of those experiences as clinical circumstances require.

To find out if your case is appropriate for Texas Center for Proton Therapy’s telemedicine program, contact the center at 469-513-5500. Visit to find a Texas Oncology location near you.

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