Advanced Technologies

The nation’s 30 proton therapy centers are not the same. Texas Center for Proton Therapy stands out from the pack, featuring the latest-generation technology including pencil-beam scanning for the most precise tumor targeting available today. The center's life-saving technology is guided by one of the nation’s most experienced clinical staffs with more than 58 years combined proton experience.

That’s by design. We want to arm your fight against cancer with the best treatment from the most experienced staff.

The 63,000-square-foot facility features an advanced fixed beam treatment room and two isocentric gantry treatment rooms; each gantry room has a 30-foot tall, 110-ton machine that rotates 360 degrees to enable the most accurate positioning of the proton beams on patient tumors with submillimeter accuracy. The proton beam equipment is anchored by a 220-ton cyclotron that can accelerate the protons to almost the speed of light.

Pencil-beam scanning

All three treatment rooms feature spot-scanning proton therapy, known as pencil-beam scanning. We use an ultra-fine proton beam with pencil-point precision across each layer of the tumor. Essentially, we delicately paint the tumor with radiation. It’s the ideal technology for irregularly shaped tumors near sensitive areas. Learn more.

Cone Beam CT

In addition, cone beam computed tomography (cone beam CT) provides 3-D volumetric imaging. Put simply, it gives your clinicians a better view for a more precise targeting and treatment of cancerous tumors. Most other proton therapy centers use biplanar (2-D) X-ray images.

Advanced imaging

The center also features some of the most advanced PET/CT and 3-Tesla MRI scanning and imaging technology available, as well as on-site lab services.

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Texas Center for Proton Therapy is ready to help you fight cancer with one of the nation’s most advanced cancer-fighting technologies. You do not need a doctor's referral to be seen at the center.

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